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Reproductive System – Overview & emotional themes

The genital or sexual organs secure the ability to reproduce and thus, the survival of the kind by recombination of genetic material.

The major reproductive organs can be grouped into four categories:

  • Production and storage of germ cells
  • Copulation
  • Conception and pregnancy
  • Nourishment and equipment of the baby

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Survival Mechanisms for Peace and Harmony

by Sam Thorpe
In this article I want to explore the idea of fixed and fluid gender traits and roles. As a trans-gender person I have had an amazing opportunity to experience the world and my interactions within it as female and as male – and just about everything in between. I use the term trans-gender to describe the process I have taken, starting in my early 20’s with a bilateral mastectomy and a life-long process of hormone treatment. At the time, this was mostly understood as ‘gender reassignment’ – going from female to male.

From as early as I can remember, however, I have considered myself to be not just a single gender. At the time this was termed ‘androgynous’. More recently with the explosion of the gender spectrum there are now many more words to describe people who identify as I do. One more recent term is ‘gender-fluid’. Gender-fluid is more fitting for me personally and, as you will come to understand as you read this article, I believe we are all inherently biologically gender-fluid

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Hormones & Qualities of Love

by Kora Klapp
Oestrogen & testosterone, our sex hormones, have qualities like yin & yang, a polarity completing each other. Both are steroids stemming from the same source: the neurotransmitter pregnenolone.

Oestrogen creates the wish for mating, conception, as well as female traits to attract a partner: full hair, radiant skin, and subcutaneous fat that makes her look smooth.
Testosterone is associated with body hair, beard, less pure skin but a stronger fibrous network in the dermis, less subcutaneous fat but more muscle mass. This reflects dominance and force to replicate, which is biologically attractive to women who “weaken” or “fall” for the man and wish to be taken by him – pure biology in action that will secure survival of the kind by sharing successful genes.

Therefore, typical conflicts involving changes in production and release of these hormones, are about…

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Is Social Conditioning connected to Female Diseases?

This talk and performance by Anu Mehta describes how traditions in the Indian society might trigger female diseases:

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Breast cancer – causes & emotional patterns

Jasmina Kovacev, expert in helping cancer patients, talks on a panel discussion on sexuality about affections of the female breast:

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Infertility, PCOS and the Cause for your Lifestyle

In a panel discussion on 8. META-Health Conference in Mumbai 2017, doctors & therapists compare their experiences with polycystic ovaries and infertility:

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Babies, Birth, Relationships and Love

by Gaylene Hansen
Our first relationships are within the womb when as a tiny bunch of cells we begin our journey in life.

Many think of the developing embryo and fetus as an unconscious being. This is far from the truth.

From the moment of conception we are conscious beings and are influenced by the world of our mother. And her mother, as we began as a cell when our mother was a three month fetus. We can look back even further if we consider that we chose our parents and plan our soul’s journey in this life.

Love and relationships begin before conception …

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Auto-Immunity: A Condition of Evolutionary Self-Love?

by Deborah Wiggins-Hay
The Immune system is a complex collection of systems that are always responding imminently to any perceived threat or invasion. As such, it functions through multiple different cell and organ types – from skin, blood and lymphatics, to the gut and endocrine glands.

Due to the complexity of the immune system, there are many areas of themed minutia that META-Health practitioners might begin to focus attention to. As always, how the individual is expressing their particular auto-immune issue is a key aspect to how and where we should focus our attention, not least always asking “what that particular body area, gland, or body function means to the person individually‘.

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How does Stress affect Fertility?

Gynaecologist Dr Ameet Patki talks about different factors and scenarios that influence the fertility in his patients, and offers strategies that help:

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My demanding Vagina

by Tricia Mitchell
I didn’t really notice the lump until the discomfort grew beyond the occasional, mild irritation.

“Damn, these knickers are uncomfortable,” I thought, as I tried to readjust them inconspicuously, as I got into my car. I made a mental note to go through my underwear drawer and throw out anything that wasn’t 100% cotton when I got back home.

Other times, I’d blame my outerwear for the discomfort, “Geez, these jeans are too tight.”

My mind continued to offer up plausible reasons for the irritation, …

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Uterine Fibroids and Social Values

Dr Miho Nonami talks about the connection of sexual health conditions and sensitization through social values in Japan, with a surprising insight!

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Break free from child abuse & trafficking

Dr Anu Mehta shared this very personal and transformational story and vision on the 8. International META-Health Conference in Mumbai, 2017:

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Did her fear create a womb tumor?

by Tricia Mitchell

The caller ID flashed up on my phone as it rang.

“Hello stranger,” I answered.

Are we still OK?” he asked.

“Of course, we are,” I replied.

The last time my friend and I had spoken, our opinions had vastly differed. Normally, we conversed about spirituality, growth, peace, love, healing and falling off the meditation wagon, but this time we’d veered into politics and race – experiential perspectives from past and present lives. We agreed to pick up the discussion where we left off, when we had more time. But, we didn’t. Life had become even busier.

His 15 year old daughter had developed a tumour.

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