Digestion, Energy and your Potential

Digestion, Energy & Your Potential

Digestive System Overview

Digestion is a form of catabolism: a breakdown of large chunks to smaller ones in order to release and absorb the needed substances and informations.

To prepare this, the mere thinking of a desired food, as well as visual or olfactory impressions, stimulates salivation. Saliva is a liquid secreted by the parotis, the sublingual and submandibular glands, as well as in the salivary glands of the submucosa of the mouth. It contains salivary amylase, an enzyme which starts the digestion of starch in the food.

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Digestion – Therapists share case experiences

Panel discussion about problems of the digestive tract with Anu Mehta, Dr Jyoti Lalwani, Jasmina Kovacev, Robert Waghmare & Dr Anton Bader on the META-Health Conference in Mumbai 2017:

  • Associations of eating and digestion
  • Limits of conventional medicine
  • Experiences & science
  • Significance of the gut
  • Significance of the pancreas
  • Significance of liver and gall bladder
  • Client examples
  • Digestion & the mind

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Afraid to Fart – and the Fine Art of Following Through

by Marion Bevington
It’s 2005 I’m in Mexico, riding my bicycle on my way to teach the regular morning yoga class. The sun has just risen into a crystal clear blue sky, the birds are singing, Iguana sitting like stones and I have to avoid riding over them as they wait for the sunlight to warm them enough so they can move! The turquoise Caribbean water is gently lapping against the bright white sides of the rows of yachts and boats neatly lined up in the marina. I greet many happy and familiar faces emerging from cabins, “Buenos Dias!”… I can see a few hung-over faces crawling from the boats as this next beautiful October day begins.

I feel a familiar rumbling as my belly begins to awaken, preparing for the day and I stand up on the pedals to let some of that awakening movement release…

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Autism & the Gut-Brain-Immune-Axis

by Kora Klapp
One of the hottest health topics is the increase of ASD (autism spectrum disorder), a broad range of neurological, social and physiological symptoms:

1. Huge need of structure and rituals, and often repetitive actions like when objects are lined up in straight order, and broken routines cause much distress. This seems to reflect overwhelm and an inner chaos which one aims to escape.

2. Social signals, such as a smile or a twinkle are not recognized, and limits are not set…

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Diabetes, Sweetness and Resistance

Diabetes is epidemic in India. How can this be explained in META-Health? How is the social pattern? What are possible solutions?

These questions were ventilated in a panel discussion with Dr Kwesi Anan Odum, Dr Anu Mehta, Dr Jyoti Lalwani, Kavita Freedom and Richard Flook on the META-Health Conference in Mumbai, 2017.

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Probiotics & their Health Benefits: Kombucha!

by Kora Klapp
Kombucha is a traditional fermented drink made with tea, sugar and the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) that transforms the sugar successively into vinegar and carbondioxide, the beverage containing proteins, vitamins from the B complex, vitamin C, enzymes, minerals and more.

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Increase Your Effectiveness with META Health by Finding Specific Events

by Craig Weiner and Alina Frank
We recently penned a well-received article for practitioners who use EFT or Tapping and are looking to increase their effectiveness with achieving long term and transformational results with their clients. We have found that META Health practitioners use a wide variety of therapeutic interventions for working with their clients, and many of them incorporate EFT or similar Energy Psychology methods into their work with supporting clients in the resolution of current physical and emotional symptomatology by resolving past trauma. It is with this in mind that we offer a perspective on the importance of the attention to detail on specific events. By helping a client tune in emotional, physically and energetically, much more information can be elicited then be being general. Of course especially with trauma, proceeding with great rapport and safety established is essential….

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The Path of Abundance through Service

by Susanne Billander
You have expertise in your field and you feel ALIVE in the moments of teaching or guiding groups or individuals to transformation.

Most probably you have a desire for something more in life, maybe you know exactly what it is – maybe it’s just a nagging feeling.

I have met thousands of good practitioners, who are living a reality where clients aren’t coming or aren’t coming back. Some are devastated that they can’t survive doing what they love. Some are still in a paid job, where lack of money in their life may be or not be their biggest perceived problem. The deepest lack is that they don’t get to DO their work as much as they want to! They want to be in service, “used” and experience their divine gifts in action for the greater good.

On one hand, in past lives, being spiritual was easier. We became a nun or a monk, joined a closed circle, sat on a mountain top and didn’t really involve our being in normal day to day life. On the other hand, in those ages many got tortured, excluded from the tribe or killed for their spiritual gifts…

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ME-meditation: Detox for Mind & Emotion

Roop Lakhani, Consultant, Trainer & Intuitive Healer, gives this meditation and breathing experience on the 8. Intl META-Health Conference in Mumbai, 2017.

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The Metabolic Syndrome

Bent Madsen shared his investigation of the psychological and nutritional aspects of these epidemic issues, and explains the way to prevent and to cure them, on the META-Health Conference in Estonia 2012:

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Exploring the Cell Danger Response

Kora Klapp introduces a new perspective of cell biology:

01:15 META-Health case example
05:05 The Healing Cycle according to Dr Hamer
11:02 Biological Special Programs and exceptions
14:53 The Cell Danger Response – Primeval Defense on the Cellular Level
20:11 The Role of Mitochondria in the CDR
28:08 Compromised healing and regeneration
30:57 Dystopic Protection – Chronic Dis-Ease
32:23 The Healing Cycle according to Prof Naviaux
43:07 Salugenesis: moving out of the way for Health
51:49 Consequences for META-Health

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