The Path of Abundance through Service

How to become a Sacred Tool for Transformation

You have expertise in your field and you feel ALIVE in the moments of teaching or guiding groups or individuals to transformation.

Most probably you have a desire for something more in life, maybe you know exactly what it is – maybe it’s just a nagging feeling.

I have met thousands of good practitioners, who are living a reality where clients aren’t coming or aren’t coming back. Some are devastated that they can’t survive doing what they love. Some are still in a paid job, where lack of money in their life may be or not be their biggest perceived problem. The deepest lack is that they don’t get to DO their work as much as they want to! They want to be in service, “used” and experience their divine gifts in action for the greater good.

On one hand, in past lives, being spiritual was easier. We became a nun or a monk, joined a closed circle, sat on a mountain top and didn’t really involve our being in normal day to day life. On the other hand, in those ages many got tortured, excluded from the tribe or killed for their spiritual gifts. The journey of knowing God and serving, with one’s gift, was a path saying NO to HUMAN life; no family, no relationship, no sex, no money. ”Oh, I am longing back for my isolated life – HUMAN life is hard”, some of you may feel!

It’s impossible to make money in business and hiding who we truly are. In relationships, it’s unheard of thriving when we are not true to ourselves. But even worst, many spiritual people are having physical symptoms, which are caused by separating from our unique Spirit, through I have been teaching and guiding people to become aware of the under lying cause behind any physical disease since 2002.

Truth is, by hiding and not embracing human life fully, many conscious people ‘kill’ themselves by not expressing, doing and living human life authentic to their divine expression!

It’s getting easier and easier

In fact, right now, in this incarnation, we have an amazing opportunity to really BE who we are uniquely designed to be and express our gifts fully – without being killed – and live abundance on all levels.

Our true path to abundance is through serving in alignment with our unique gifts.

Here is why it’s possible and easier than ever before: The collective energies of the last Millennia has kept us stuck. But there is a shift happening.

The universal energy is shifting in a huge way right now. For 100’s of years the underlying energetic theme has been about the tribe. In that energy, the group and the survival of the tribe is more important than the individual. In that paradigm love is transactional – it’s about wanting something from each other in exchange for love and loyalty. This has created an energy like glue.

In times when the tribe is more important, it’s easier to make choices that are not aligned with our truth. Still, there will be a consequence and often it leads to a shutdown, snow ball effect. We put limitations in place to make it easier to live a limited reality and we energetically forget who we truly are.

We are NOW SHIFTING to a new underlying energetic theme. The new energy is rooted in knowing abundance by knowing your Spirit: Abundance is more than money, it is being connected to the blue print your Spirit is created in, which is your unique divine expression. It’s an energy that makes the individual self-expression more important than the tribe. It’s about following one’s truth and saying yes to what lights up the Spirit, what makes one inspired. When we start to do that it changes how we relate, work and co-create.

Thinking about one Self hasn’t been popular. It’s been judged A LOT! Personally, I see your commitment to live true to your Self-expression as an act of self-love!

When we live, a life aligned with our unique abundance blueprint, then we love being alive. In that space, we can be unconditional love with each other.

Our true path to abundance is through serving in alignment with our unique gifts.

Are you interested in becoming a Sacred Tool for Transformation – and thrive in abundance?

Have a look at this diagram:

The Key to Abundance Life Mastery

I created this symbol as a visual aid to illustrate how divine abundance is expressed at the PHYSICAL level in these forms:

Money – Having an income, through doing what you love, that represents living the life you truly desire.

Health – Having vital life force flowing through your whole body.

Relationships – Feeling free being and doing, who you are in relationships.

Environment – Living in a place that resonates with your being.

Time – Free to do what you like to do when you like to do it.

The question is – are we translating it into the physical realm? You can only act as a transformational catalyst for other PEOPLE (who are in physical bodies!!) to the level at which you EMBODY abundance!

I’d love you to take part in a short self-assessment exercise

From a scale 0-10, where do you experience yourself right now – in your physical living – in these






What happens when we try to serve others when we ourselves are in lack – or not satisfied with our own life?

Lack creates disempowered and victimization energy. Our clients come to us because they are feeling disempowered in a situation in their life. If we, as practitioners feel disempowered in any area of our life, then it will trigger our own “stuff”.

How easy is it to be a transformational catalyst, when we energetically resonate with the clients’ disempowerment? Not very! In fact, it’s hard work working with people, if your stuff gets activated with every client. You may feel like you lose energy or even deeper down feel inauthentic and as a fraud.

Even worst, serving from lack leads to entanglement – where we buy into client’s problems and therefore, feed the problem, because we’re coming from a similar vibrational state as the client problem. That can lead to thinking about clients after sessions. Then life can get full of other people’s energy, which can feel heavy and draining. Some end up resenting their job. When we ‘uplevel’ our own vibrational state throughout the wholeness pentagram – that’s when we can really serve clients as the transformation catalyst were here to be.

In real life that means that we are empowered in relationships, how we create in alignment with our divine being; the amount in our bank account, freedom with time, a vital body and living in an environment which naturally support our being.

Are you ready?

It took me 6 years to get ready to move from a good life to living abundance! A few years ago, I chose to embody an abundant life, by expressing my truthful being fully.  Since then, I’ve shifted from living a good life to a life that represents my Abundant Spirit!

Here are a few of the changes I’ve manifested:

  • I went from a fear of rejection to asking for what I truly desire.
  • I moved from Sweden to Costa Rica. The climate and the nature here makes me thrive!
  • My income increased big time, which supported me to buy a lot in an eco-village and build a house, without a loan. I love my hOMe, from where I run my on-line business, in a way that is self-expression for me.
  • I came to Costa Rica with my family. As much as I thrived, the father of my children did not. Our life paths separated. The abundant choice for me as a mother was “I can choose to live where I thrive and my children can choose to live where they thrive”.

In Sweden, I did not thrive as a mother, because I had no support structure, which is super important for the freedom lover I’m designed to be. Since I moved to Costa Rica, and increased my income, the first thing I did was to buy support. Cleaning, gardening, nanny when I needed. Being a single mother in Costa Rica, became an abundant motherhood experience. In this moment, the boys live with their father in Sweden.

  • My feminine energy knocked on my door and I opened. After meeting the story that had held it inactivated, the feminine energy started to make love with my masculine. It was a life changing effect! Shortly after I met my Man. A match made in heaven. Very grateful that we met on Earth!

Receiving all of you manifest a reality where others receive you for all of you. Abundant relationships are the root of true co-creation, which is the energy that creates abundance in humanity.

To wholeness and abundance!

Study how biological programming impacts mental and physical health, and become a pathfinder to well-being!

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