Healing Lymphoma Naturally and finding my Voice!

This is a live interview with a very brave lady client who reversed her Cancer (non hodgkins lymphoma) naturally without mainstream medicine.

The protocol used to help her was firstly Meta-Health diagnosis and strategic intervention coaching, Timeline Therapy, NLP, detoxification, changes in breathing, nutrition and movement.

Pauline’s story

The purpose of this blog is to create a factual and hopefully engaging record documenting my alternative treatment method and recovery from Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. My cancer treatment has been, and continues to be, completely natural and avoiding the UK National Health Service (NHS) standard treatment of radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy.

First the basics . . . I received my official diagnosis of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma from my GP on Thursday 23 March 2017. My diagnosis was the result of a biopsy under general anaesthetic, taken from a sizeable lump that had appeared on my left tonsil. The date of my biopsy was Friday 10th March 2017 and at the time the tumour was protruding into my mouth and obstructing half of my airway, making eating, sleeping and talking difficult.

Hearing this diagnosis from my GP along with the delights ahead of being referred to a haemoncologist for staging, followed by three to six months of chemo felt terrifying. I had cancer! I feel sure my first reaction was the same as many others receiving a cancer diagnosis – it felt like my GP had just handed me my death certificate! Cancer was never part of my life plan! Ha ha to that as we’ve all heard the expression ‘life happens when we’re busy making plans.’

It was a long wait from first news on the 23 March 2017 until Monday 22nd May 2017 to see the NHS haemoncologist. At this meeting I received the full diagnosis of my condition – High Grade Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Diffuse Large B-Cell, the most common type of high grade (fast growing) Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. It was Stage 1, bilateral – to you and me that means in both tonsils! So as well as the large tumour on my left tonsil, I had a small now visible lump just under the surface on my right tonsil. Fortunately for me CT, MRI and PET scans revealed no spread beyond the tonsils –
hence Stage 1 cancer.

As for the proposed NHS treatment plan, I was offered two options.

  • Three rounds of chemo, plus radiotherapy. However, I was told the radiotherapy would permanently wipe out my saliva glands so would cause permanent damage of a dry throat and subsequent related problems, plus my taste buds would also be wiped out. That was a non-starter from the off!
  • Six rounds of chemotherapy, one every three weeks with the first round to begin in three weeks, which would have been mid June time.

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