Breathe for Joy!

Do you feel helpless with mental, emotional, or physical challenges? Many people do. And as you know, it is very hard to find help. So it is up to us to take responsibility for ourselves. But to do so, we need the know-how and the tools. But we are not taught what counts!

Many times, I have been in the situation, that I went from doctor to doctor trying to get help! I couldn’t straighten my arm after a sports injury and I was in pain. I had itchy rashes driving me nuts for seven years straight! I had to give up on scuba diving because I couldn’t equalise anymore. My nose was so blocked for years it caused headaches. All I received was some relief for the symptoms. Not once, did anyone tell me the cause!

And when I observed friends of mine being put through electroshock treatment and on pills, I had enough! Enough is enough! We all deserve to live happy and healthy lives! That’s when I decided to do my part in empowering people!

We have to start with the foundation of our health. With our breathing! Think about it for a moment. We breathe around 17.000 times every single day of our life! And if we cannot breathe, we die. Our breathing affects us on all levels. Our health and mental health, physical and cognitive performance, our well-being.

Our breathing rules the biochemistry in our body. Our breathing mechanics determine our posture. Our breathing cadence is crucial when it comes to mental health.

The topic of breathing is huge! And the most important one when it comes to health. We can work out, be lean and eat right and still be very unhealthy if we don’t optimise our breathing.

To uncover the mystery and power of breathing I ventured out and interviewed breathing experts. Those that train athletes to win gold medals at the Olympics, those that help students perform better at school, those that make giving birth a relax team effort, those that use it as musicians, those that cure sleep apnea and asthma, those that let you overcome trauma and addiction, the ones using it for first responders – the list goes on!

Watch some trailers here:

Why don’t you join our summit? There is so much to be learned. And we need to know it if we want to take responsibility for our health and well-being. Understanding the power of breathing is the first step towards empowerment.

The summit is free and for everyone. Treat it as an all you can eat buffet! It starts midnight on the 16th of November 2020 GST+13. Every day you can choose interviews to watch. Don’t miss this chance! Take the breathing quiz I prepared for you on the bottom of the landing page to check on how much you know about breathing already!

Join the summit!

16 – 29 November 2020

[1] Jukka Niittymaa via Pixabay
[2] Moni Mckein via Pixabay

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