Co-creation of Illness and Health

One of the most challenging aspects of my work is explaining to someone about how our physical bodies are intertwined with our emotional lives.

How can we say that we have physical conditions if we haven’t even delved into the emotional aspect? I often get asked how is it possible to reverse illnesses just by looking at trauma, beliefs and emotions. If it’s a really serious, physical issue and nothing can be done, we must be careful that the patient is not put in danger, misses their medicine, don’t believe in false hopes, etc….

I agree. This is why mind/body/healing is a must in serious, chronic and debilitating illnesses. The truth is that we don’t know how we’re creating our illness through the mind/body/social aspect unless we explore it. It’s that simple. Because our beliefs are the very fabric of our lives, including our health we must address them, along with our trauma and emotions.

You can’t know if a person has pain because they really have a certain condition or because they’ve been told it and given evidence to “prove it”.

Just like a child is highly impressionable by its parents, patients in their vulnerability are also by their doctors. The danger of not addressing the psychological issues is that the person could well be having their illness because they believe it.

I was confronted by a medical general practitioner when I was doing a talk that I must make it clear when a condition “has pathological” roots, whereas some illnesses are impossible to be dealt with unless using medicine, my answer was that we cannot say. Each person’s illness is for a different reason. I know this to be true, as when I’ve done sessions on things like asthma, arthritis, eczema, cyst, infection, etc…. one person will have it for a different reason to the next person. The evidence of this is clear, because as we work through the trauma, current stressors, emotions and beliefs they often start to improve and even reverse their conditions. Even if the condition is as a result of a purely “physical” problem we can still affect the outcome using only mind/body/social therapy. I’ve helped people countless times; removing hopelessness they had and sending them onto a path of recovery.

It is that person’s journey; it’s their story; it’s their reality(that is often changeable). I will say that taking one to one sessions and knowing about META-Health is one of the most powerful ways of I healing, that I know of.

From the paradigm I work with, our illnesses are caused from specific traumas and kept going from the certain stress triggers. When we believe that we have a condition, we are more likely to perpetuate than if we’re willing to look into why we have and making the connections how it got there.

Addressing our limiting beliefs, especially in difficult conditions is paramount. I believe we are co-creating with God / nature / life / universe. If that is the case, surely we need to find out how we’re creating our illnesses. Why do the laws of co-creating uphold until we get very ill? Actually they don’t stop. We cannot hide from them. We cannot think things away. We need to understand our beliefs about our illnesses and how we’re co-creating them. More often than not it’s happening at deep, subconscious levels.

We should never get to a point where we are so ill and relying on so many substances and technology without ever having addressed our traumas, emotions and beliefs related to that illness. I see many local elderly people struggling so much and know that no-one has ever asked them about their mind/body connection with regards to their disabilities. We can give complicated names to many conditions, and sure that works sometimes, but all the person wants is to feel better and more often than not a simple approach is what’s going to get them there.

I find musculoskeletal issues particularly easy to deal with, as I know they are a lot to do with being given poor beliefs and fear. These makes the person chronically worse over time. Give them the right advice and they start to improve.

Once I had a client who had intense pain in her right calf, so much so that walking was very painful and she could hardly put any pressure on it. She was relying on time to heal it, as the doctors said it would probably take many weeks. We did a one to one session. When I do sessions I ask the person to feel into their symptoms and we bring the whole story alive; they come up with answers to my guidance. We discuss their past hurts and pain, so people need to be open to talking about such things. She was amazed that within a few days the pain was down by 80%. This was one of my many successful cases.

I believe we should take responsibility for our own health issues; I do not heal people. They heal themselves.

Learn to decode mental and physical dis-ease to help the World be META-healthy!


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