Facilitating a Broken Toe to improve Dramatically!

I am so happy to share this video. A dear friend and an important person in my life, Shanti, who works as the domestic help at my house, gave me the opportunity to work along with her to help her heal from a fracture. She came home very excited this morning and said she wanted to share this story. I am sharing this with her consent 🙂 She tells you exactly what happened and how energy healing helped her heal.
Do watch!

The traumatic connection

Shanti, my domestic help was at work when she got a call from her mother, who was at the police station after a quarrel with her neighbours. Shanti said that she was shivering all over, and felt that she could not rest until she met her mother.
We traced this reaction back to her childhood when she was five or six years old, when her mother had to have a hysterectomy and they did not have the money. The doctor had told them at the time that her mother was seriously ill. To resolve the desperate financial need, the father took the mother to his workplace where she should work along with him, and he asked his employer to pay her too. Shanti remembered how she and her father cried, as her father kept mumbling about whether he would see his wife alive by the time he would get back with the money.
Recalling this, Shanti started to shiver. Once this was released, she felt something slacken and her foot, in her own words, became more flexible.

Exploring the morphic field

I had her rotating her foot, testing the degree of flexibility and pain at different angles – and the story that came up here was that when she was at the police station for her mother, she felt completely humiliated and worthless. There was nobody else with her and her aged parents. Her siblings did not come to help, and she felt unsupported, which has been her life story.

She began working when she was very young – 8 or 9 years, when she went with her mother to help her at her workplace. At the same time, when she needed any help at any point in her life, including when she had to be taken to the doctor when she herself was unwell, no one came to help, not even her parents.

Since the time she could remember, Shanti said that her parents only loved and cherished her other two siblings and not her She felt isolated, abandoned and never cared for.

Once this experience and belief was cleared, she said her foot felt comfortable!

Healing stacked conflicts

The next layer showing up, physically was the periosteum, reflecting the feeling of being consciously hurt or kicked.
The context was that she was the sole breadwinner – in her parents’ and in her own household – as her husband did not have a permanent job and would work for 10-15 days a month and spend all his money on alcohol. Whenever there was an issue in her mother’s or her own house, she was the one who was called to bail them out. Even when she had fractured her foot, no one cared to help her. Her husband, in his drunken stupor, had kicked her. Her parents and siblings did not care, they “were just there” and Shanti felt ignored and let down. We cleared the energy around this.

How beliefs influence tissues

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. Protein has to do with the mother’s love. The client’s belief was that she did not have any of it. Once we worked on it, and shifted her belief and made the transformation, she began living in alignment with the new belief and her foot aligned itself instantly to the natural balance!

The META-Health perspective

The location of Shanti’s injury reflects her self-worth in its very roots, weakened by early childhood imprinting. Bone tissue is more prone to break when the person is primed to be strong on the surface while being poorly supported and nourished.
The swelling and pain after the fracture were increased by her feeling of being abandoned even by her closest family – it gave rise to a biological reaction assembling fluid in the body and creating tension in the tissue.

When we become nourished on the emotional level of our soul by feeling valued and loved and worthy, also our protective bone skin, the periosteum carrying the blood vessels, will permit the bone to be nourished adequately.

This graphic shows tissues around our bones and the emotions that have an impact on them:

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Video: Gita Jayakumar
pictures: Christian Abella via pixabay
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