The solution for Asthma


Asthma is the most common chronic illness in childhood, and most frequently encountered in adult women. The predominant explanation for asthma is either a hereditary one, or a multitude of risk factors pointing in different directions resulting in a non-specific singular cause.
Furthermore asthma is stated as non-curable.

This study aimed to prove that asthma could be vanquished, by using a Root Cause Analysis methodology to such an extent that it was meaningful to the person, and thus revealing a timeline of lived life where obvious traumas relating to asthma could be treated by targeted therapy using a predefined procedure of mixed alternative treatment.

Could Meta-Health be proven to be the missing link by using an evolutionary based methodology and analysis process (Root Cause Analysis) combined with a holistic approach showing how emotions, stress, beliefs and lifestyle choices affected the symptoms of a person – so that it was possible that the body could heal itself naturally?

Selecting only women as participants since adult women were more likely to be affected with asthma than men, each participant was engaged with a Root Cause Analysis session following a maximum of 6 therapeutic sessions approximately 1 week apart, and finally an evaluation session -resulting in a maximum total intervention period of approximately 2 months for each participant.

Furthermore a pre- and post measurement status of Non-scientific (Peak Flow) and scientific information (Spirometry) was planned to corroborate objective and subjective results.
The results were as follows:

  • 40% were able to stop using asthma medication all together (corroborated by their GP)
  • 40% had Final Spirometry measurements, specifically the FEV1% improvement, corroborating their breathing improvement
  • 80% had Final Peak Flow measurements corroborating their breathing improvement
  • 60% had opposing Final Spirometry measurements compared to their Final Peak Flow measurements due to chest infections/delayed measurements etc.

On this basis, because of the fact that 40% of the participants were able to stop their asthma medication corroborated by their doctor, and up to 80% had significant improvements in their breathing measurements, it shows that Root Cause Analysis combined with a professionally planned alternative treatment intervention can create amazing results.

This research has definitely onset a question of validity to the statement “There is no cure for asthma” – and found that asthma is curable by finding and releasing the initial trauma(s) encoded by a person from their perception of the surrounding environment, predominantly 1-2 years before the onset of asthma.

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Copyright: nov. 2019 John Rhodes

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