What Pampering can do for your Mind

Doreen Soans, a hairdresser & META-Health Practitioner, shares her story of what we can do to improve our mood on those days we’re not feeling great, using the tools in our make up kit, wardrobe and kitchen cupboards. We know how hormones can affect how we feel, and she weaves this in with META-Health information about what’s happening in your brain and more importantly, how you can shift it.

The META-Health perspective

Any conflict and phase can influence your mood, and especially in phases of regeneration you can feel uncomfortable with the symptoms and with the impression others might get from you. This will directly affect the “territorial areas” in your insular cortex which Doreen refers to, which can trigger depressive or manic moods.
Here they are:

Read more about the territorial areas in the META-Wiki in MHI’s members’ portal, and learn to decode your physical and psychological symptoms!

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