The Problem with Pandemics

Lately, I feel like more like a misfit than I have in a long time. Here is what’s going on. I am aware of this “pandemic” going on. I have read articles here and there, but I have to make an effort not to read them, otherwise I’ll go loopy.

The problem is that I don’t really know all the statistics about this pandemic and the history of infections and viruses.

This is why it’s quite hard for me to engage in arguments; I won’t be able to produce all the science and statistics that people are looking for. People are very intelligent and logical, you know.

Let’s dig a little deeper

Why is this relevant?
Why should I even bother questioning what the government, the medical profession or what the media say?
What’s wrong with just simply doing a little bit of “making people feel better” and then just pushing off?
Why not accept all the rules and play along?
Why do I have to stick out like a sore thumb?

I’ll tell you why…

It’s called being a facilitator of healing.

I simply am unable to see the world as being broken, that we need to “fight” this virus and that we need to act like zombies – heaven forbid we bump into someone!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m playing by the rules, but only because I’m being dictated to and feel the need to oblige, nothing else.

I’ve had to think long and hard about this. I know I look like I’m being difficult, but the problem is my heart. She’s not listening. Somewhere, somehow she knows it should have been done differently. The problem lies in symptom management vs root cause analysis. One is scratching the surface and fire-fighting and the other is a deep understanding of why you got into the situation in the first place (in this case catching coronavirus) and then knowing how to get out of it, if you do get it.

Regardless of the statistics that will be revealed of how many people died, I know that people should have been instructed on how to have dealt with their respiratory issues, their coughs, their sneezing, not being able to smell, etc… at deeper levels.

Here are the key points:

• Have they felt into their symptoms to see what the symptoms saying, as strange as this sounds?

• What were their beliefs?

• Have they removed their limiting beliefs?

• What was going on in their lives when the symptoms started, like arguments, worry, anxiety, specific stresses, etc…

• Have they released repressed emotions?

• Are they dealing with current stresses that are specific to them not being able to breathe properly, etc…?

I thought so; they’re probably not. You see, working with people at this level is where the healing lies. This is where they get to reverse their illnesses. Isn’t that amazing? I’ve done it for so many people in a wide variety of illnesses, including respiratory and infections. I wouldn’t change now. Empowering them with being stronger is an excellent way in how to strengthen immunity, not instilling fear. Fear will bring on illnesses and respiratory ones are classic cases. Fear can even kill.

You see, we all contract diseases, including viruses, for different reasons. These are events that are happening in our lives, not because we are “broken” or “damaged”. Our bodies are reacting to those situations and we experience emotions to reflect that. Then, they show up as illnesses, because we didn’t sort out our internal conflicts.

So, next time, I start glazing over when we talk about coronavirus, I’m sorry, but I believe that we can heal and it’s not in the form of ventilators or medicine. It’s us taking responsibility for the things that happen to us. I’m not entirely slating medicine. What I’m saying is that the whole method is not done effectively and then from that, we make our health worse. If health is done correctly, we will reduce or avoid the need to have medicine. Isn’t it worth it, especially now?

You can’t really avoid getting the virus realistically, so build your immunity in dealing with it powerfully.

What can you do NOW? Here is what I suggest:

• Follow some calming meditation daily, do fun activities, watch entertaining videos, etc… I created a meditation in Youtube for coronavirus.

• Keep upbeat when speaking to loved ones, don’t “expect” death, but look forward to meeting up again soon. Your being strong will help them, too

• When you keep hearing about deaths and depressing statistics, read articles that challenge these (many say the statistics are badly interpreted and the deaths could be as a result of another health condition; it’s just happens that the person had coronavirus, too). Remember, many people die of flu every year. We just need to build our immunity to coronavirus, too and want to be one of the statistics that do make it

• Regularly say affirmations like, “I can be one of those statistics that come out of this fine, like the majority of people”, “I am healthy”, “I am intend to keep well” – choose what feels right for you

• Work on your internal issues. Try some Emotional Freedom Technique, journaling, talking over your worries with someone

So, as hard as it is for me to speak up (I’m no scientist, virus or pandemic expert; just a facilitator of healing), when I know it should be done differently, when it’s a matter of life and death, I can’t stay quiet.

Avnita Suri
Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach
META-Health Master Practitioner

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